Venus Home In 2013: Starting Out Strong

In spite of a sluggish economy, Venus Home experienced sales increases in 2012. It intends to use that strength as an advantage in gearing up for growth in 2013, embracing creative strategies in several key areas to develop new solution-based products to meet its customers’ needs.

Expanding Retail Relationships

Building on solid in-roads made in the past year in core basic and fashion bedding, Venus is adding new design styles and technologically enhanced offerings to increase its retailer reach in both department and specialty store sectors.

New Design Directions

In addition to enriching its transitional and contemporary fashion bedding lines, Venus Home will offer solutions for those consumers who crave traditional styling by creating classic looks updated with modern twists. Look for treatments such as romantic florals accented with embroidery and large-scale medallions on patchwork backgrounds. Fashion jacquards will also adorn towels and quilts, in addition to bedding ensembles.

Of particular interest to regional stores and national chains whose local customer base demands specialized designs are the introduction of coastal, tropical and other niche motifs that build on existing success Venus has had with other market-specific lines.

Innovations In Technology

Venus Home has employed state-of-the-art technologies in the past to create solution-based products, such as its anti-microbial sheeting program currently featured in national department stores. Now it plans to explore other specialty finishes with existing and new chemical suppliers.

In response to price increases in materials and labor affecting all suppliers, Venus is working on new fabric constructions and material content changes that will temper cost concerns without affecting value or overall quality.

Venus Home also maintains its dedication to sustainability through technology, making products that have only a positive impact on the environment.

Bringing Hospitality To Retail

Venus has become well-entrenched in the institutional and hospitality sectors, so much so that travelers visiting the five-star hotels in which Venus linens are featured have been requesting those items for home use. The company is now developing ways to translate that interest in its hotel linens into a line of offerings for consumer purchase at retail.

Restructuring For Growth

Venus Home has backed up its commitment to growth in 2013 with an internal restructuring, adding talented personnel to support marketing and branding efforts and to initiate even more creative directions in merchandising its products.

All these strategies enable Venus Home to differentiate itself from other suppliers while creating value for its customers. Venus Home is starting out strong in bringing its customers many more successful solutions for today’s challenging lifestyles in 2013.

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