Our Responsibility

We are committed to promoting business practices that are consistent with environmental policy and providing smart solutions for a better world. Our initiatives start with our vertical manufacturing processes to inspire the development of innovative and smart eco-friendly consumer products.


Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting initiatives are being implemented at our dedicated plants in India. This process includes the gathering, the accumulation and the storing of rainwater that can be utilized effectively and efficiently by the surrounding community.

Water Treatment Plants

Both our dedicated plants have Effluent Treatment Facilities (ETFs) which treat the waste water. Our ETFs usually work in 3 stages:

  • Primary and Secondary – removing the heavier sludge or sediment which is dried out. This sediment is then used as land fill
  • Tertiary OR Reverse Osmosis purifies the remnant water into PURE potable water. This conserves and recycles water

Bale Packing

We offer bale packing, made from the cut or left over fabrics of sheeting material

  • This saves the usage of cartons and in turn saves the trees
  • It helps us load more weight per container thus reducing fuel/lb for transportation

“Route-ready“ products

  • All products for the industrial trade are “Route ready” or prewashed ready for use; a procedure not utilized by most of our competition
  • “Route ready” linens save valuable time, water and energy costs as little washing is needed to remove sizing chemicals on the product

Consumer Products

Venus is committed to continual efforts in research and development to provide safe and sustainable products to its Institution, Hospitality & Home customers.

Our innovative manufacturing capabilities enable us to develop eco-friendly products which include organic products such as hemp, sea weed, bamboo, and kapok; all having eco-friendly biodegradable properties.

Currently collaborated with Milliken & Company, Venus is introducing smart innovative products finished with proprietary technologies that enhance care performance, which require fewer washes allowing for the conservation of water, energy & labor.