Quality Leadership

The utmost importance is placed upon the quality of our products to ensure that our products are designed and produced to meet the expectations of our customers. We do this with a winning combination of design, technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities.

Venus has a in house design studio in NYC, award winning designers and over 20 textile engineers working for the company worldwide. Our designers and engineers work closely with our divisions to develop smart products and to meet the growing demands and specifications of our clients. They bring enormous value to our customers and our markets through innovative development and cost effective manufacturing.


We are very proud of our world class, in-house Design Studio based in NYC. Our award winning designers have extensive experience and expertise in all facets of product design, ranging from bedding and bath, to quilts and beach. Our design team works directly with key customers to develop exclusive products for their private label brands.

Extensive international exposure and market research keep our designers attuned to all the newest trends in color and design. At the same time we’ve established our own unique design direction, which is reflected in our open line. The design team uses the most up to date CAD equipment, enhancing our capabilities and enabling us to create beautiful and saleable designs. Working with our own high-tech manufacturing and joint venture partners throughout the world allows our designers to develop innovative and value added products.


Venus is a leader in innovation and quality by employing the best technical expertise. Our textile technologists and engineers come from the best textile manufacturing and design schools in the world. They bring with them vast experience in each of the manufacturing processes – fibre engineering, textile design, spinning, weaving, processing and confection. This talent pool leads all product innovation & development the company offers and works closely with our customers in developing the correct product for them and their consumers. Our engineers are involved in product development, quality assurance, customer service and design engineering.


Our engineers are complemented with state of the art machinery at all our textile mills overseas as well as our manufacturing center in southern California.

Our dedicated manufacturing facilities enable us to ensure our product quality at each stage of processing and product development.