Service Excellence

Service Mission

Our service mission is to be a value-added customer service leader. We believe that customer satisfaction is imperative when building long-term relationships with our customers. We are committed to offering products and services that are consistently and efficiently exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Our Customer Service Testimonials

We are very proud of the service excellence generated by our corporate customer service associates, as our customers testify to this. Our divisions are recipients of numerous awards that exemplify our strong service to our customers.

Read what our customers are saying about our corporate customer service excellence:

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Patrick D. Nelligan: ALSCO; Production Manager, Salt Lake City, Utah

“I have worked with Krishnan Lakshminarayanan as my customer service professional for over two years now and it has always been a pleasure to work with him.

He has always been extremely pleasant over the phone and has also been very professional. I know that anytime I place an order with him that he will make sure that it is filled completely and shipped in an effective time frame, usually the same day that he receives my order.

I really enjoy working with Krishnan and wish that all my vendors were as prompt and fun to work with as he is.”

Dennie Bunch: ALSCO; General Manager, Santa Rosa, CA

“I want to share with you my sincere appreciation for the tremendous customer service I receive from Venus Textiles. Over the many years of our business relationship I have been impressed with the timely and accurate deliveries we receive from Venus.

Another added value Venus provides is great communication and information regarding the orders when orders are placed. I always receive a same day response informing me of shipping information.

Venus has always been very supportive by providing sample linens when required for new and existing customers. On one occasion a Venus sales representative attended with our sales person to provide assistance in helping a new customer decide the napery to be used in their restaurant. This particular restaurant required special cut cloths that would finish at exact sizes after washing and pressing the cloths. I was amazed at the number of staff from Venus involved in this project that led to complete customer satisfaction with the cloths provided.

Although Venus has many customers, I feel like I am their only customer by their eagerness and attention given to me and my staff to serve our textile needs. I highly recommend Venus to all that desire top quality service and products at competitive pricing”

Our Customer Service Dimensions

We have four dimensions in our Customer Service process that guide us in delivering customer satisfaction at all stages of the purchasing process.

1) Customer Service Associates

Our customer service associates are trained & knowledgeable of procedures involved at all stages of the purchasing process to make sure that our customer’s needs are accurately being met. This allows our associates to communicate precise information to our customer inquiries. Thus, facilitating quicker distribution of their product needs. Our dedication to our customers is reflected through our consistent product quality.

Our Customer Service Associates are thoroughly trained in:

  • Corporate Policies and Regulations
  • Communication Infrastructure
  • Product specifications
  • Customer needs
  • Production processes

2) Telecommunication Support

Up to date telecommunication support systems are in place to allow our customer service associates to quickly respond to customer inquiries.

3) Computer System Support

Integrated databases and reporting software’s assist us to quickly retrieve up to date customer and production information, allowing us to promptly respond to our customers.

a. Apprise Distribution System

Our Apprise Distribution System allows us to control and view up to date inventory, accounting, shipping and customer order statuses. Thus, facilitating the communication of accurate information at any given point in time.

b. CRM System Facilitating Service Excellence

Microsoft’s CRM System allows our customer service associates to track customer requests, manage support issues from initial contact through successful resolution, and provide customers with the consistent, efficient service that ensures satisfaction.

CRM System Features:

1. Ensures efficient customer service processes

Assigns, manages, and resolves support incidents successfully with automated routing, queuing, and escalation of service requests, along with case management, communications tracking, and auto-response e-mail.

2. Understands customer needs

Includes reports that let us identify common support issues, evaluates customer needs, tracks processes, and measures service performance.

3. Shares information easily

Identifies top customers and prioritizes service needs with a complete view of accounts, including sales and order information as well as support information.

4. Creates a shared knowledge base of support information

Resolves support issues accurately and efficiently using a searchable, shared knowledge base of KB articles information.

c. Retail Management

Our goal is to sell merchandise to our partners that add value to the assortment, ship on time, assist in maximizing sales and increase gross margin dollars.

  • Allows us to establish strong collaborative relationships with our partners to better manage the entire supply chain process
  • Provides technology solutions and integrated merchandising systems to help our customers reach their sales and service goals

Warehousing Logistics and Distribution Solutions

  • Network of dedicated distribution centers and multi level capacities of retail distribution experience offer a competitive advantage to our partners.
  • Standardized warehouse systems and processes ensure the highest levels of operational efficiency
  • Provides management and customer service support associate with broad logistic experience
  • Owns and operates a 150,000 square foot building in Foothill Ranch, CA, which serves as our headquarters, customer service facilities, EDI operations, graphic design studio, manufacturing unit, warehousing and distribution
  • Operates warehouses via third party throughout the United States-in California, Charleston, South Carolina, Portland and Atlanta

4) Preventive Analysis

Preventive analysis is conducted by our customer service associates to ensure that our customer needs are being met the first time around. Dedicated data accuracy analysts verify pre and post order shipment information in order to eliminate order errors. To exceed our customer’s expectations, our customer service associates are continuously refining our customer service processes to enhance customer satisfaction.