Farm to Finish

Farm to FinishTM

Quality through Sustainability

Our core strength is the Farm to FinishTM process, a unique vertical manufacturing approach that ensures quality control at each stage of the manufacturing process.

It starts with the bioengineering of the cotton seed to the development of the finished product. The utmost importance is placed upon the quality of our products, achieved through a winning combination of design, technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities.

At the heart of our philosophy is strong quality leadership along with an environmental and social consciousness. We are committed to sustainable manufacturing initiatives that greatly benefit the environment and the surrounding community:

  • Rainwater harvesting

  • Water treatment programs
  • Natural resources such as wind energy are used to generate power
  • Fair price program with farmers, improving quality of life


F2F Towels

Premium Quality, Responsible Choice

Venus offers its customers premium quality Farm to FinishTM (F2F) towels, manufactured through responsible processes. Venus employs the latest manufacturing methods and technology combined with the highest pure raw cotton materials to make plush luxury towels for its markets. Our F2F towels are manufactured at our vertical manufacturing facilities in India.