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23 reviews for Ultra Plush Pillow

  1. Janice Heck

    We recently stayed at the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird, Utah. We loved the pillows so much, we took a photo of the tag so we could possibly order some.

    My daughter has Amazon Prime, so we ordered 2. Oh my goodness, what a difference these pillows made in my sleep. They are soft, but not too soft. Just asked my daughter to order 2 more for my guest room and they arrived today. Now she is going to order more for herself.

    They are amazing!

    Thank you so much for making such an amazing product!

  2. Anita Ortiz

    I too was at Pachanga and loved the bedding, from the pillows to the blankets. I slept like a baby, can’t wait to order from Amazon.

  3. Shari

    I slept on these pillows at the Sierra Vista Suites in Sierra Vista, Arizona. I love your pillows and would like to buy 2 standard size if you sell yo the general public. I loved the sheets from your company, also. Thank you.


    Last weekend I tried your pillow at Bear Springs Hotel in Highland, CA. The Amazon link says they’re not available. Are they going to be available in the future? I want four of them just like the hotel bed had. It was perfect! Best night’s sleep, ever.

  5. Lucy Lam

    Best pillows ever. Slept through the night using these pillows at Pechanga.

  6. Lora walsh

    It’s 5am can’t sleep so on line trying to find the Venus Blown Cluster Pillow. I have been vacationing at Pechanga and I’ve sosososo enjoyed this amazing pillow!!! Can’t believe I’m even writing about it at 5 am. I guess I’m a lil OCD….seriously, I can’t wait to buy my own! Yes yes they are all that!!
    Lady Lora
    P.S. I’m going back to bed, I think I can go back to sleep now that I know where I can find your pillow!!!

  7. Gina B.

    I slept in theses wonderful pillows in a hotel and immediately researched how I could purchase them ! I was surprised at the low price and would have paid much more! These pillows have the perfect balance of softness and firmness! Also, the company’s response was very quick!

  8. Elizabeth

    I tried these at Pechanga resort casino in California. I like that it retains it’s shape and it’s good for a back and side sleeper that I am. Plan on buying it on amazon.

  9. Alnita Hopkins

    I recently stayed at Barrington Hotel in Branson, MO. Sleeping on the pillows for me were a rest beyond belief!! I recently had Cervical Spine surgery and have not slept comfortable or as sound as i have with your pillows. I hurried to the front desk to inquire purchasing them. PLEASE tell me if they may be purchased on line, stores, etc. A MUST HAVE!!

  10. Sandra

    LOVED your pillows at Inn of the Governors in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Would love to purchase some. Would you PLEASE sell me some pillows?

  11. Tony Broughton

    Awesome pillows I have trouble sleeping will buy for my personal use

  12. Betty Emerson Andrews

    Yes I would love to order four standard size pillows. I have slept on these pillows at Winstar Hotel. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and these are the first pillows I have found that allows me to sleep all night free of pain.

  13. Gail Ramer

    I recently stayed at Pechanga as well and can’t say enough good things about this pillow. I would love to be able to purchase them, is this possible at all?

  14. Kali

    Stayed at Pechanga Resort & Casino in Cali and loved these pillows! So, I did some searching and found them! There’s a website called hotelstoyou, I sleep so good every night! Thanks Venus!

    Here’s the link:

  15. Emberlee Gonzalez

    We are staying at Pechanga right now and as I lay on these awesome pillows, I am looking where to buy some. I saw on one of the reviews that they are about to sell on Amazon. Hopefully the prices are reasonable and I will buy some for my whole family!

  16. Suzanne

    I must own this pillow. NOW. Lol I slept on one at downstream casino in Oklahoma. Best pillow I’ve slept on in basically forever. Please make this available individuals to purchase!

  17. D J

    I’m at the Argosy Casino in Kansas City, Mo. And I’m thinking of stealing this pillow because I don’t need 24 queen size pillows! Please let me know if I can buy 2.

  18. Ashley Sargent

    Seriously these are the BEST pillows I have ever slept on!! Absolutely so amazing I had to peel the pillow case off my pillow when I stayed at Pechanga to see what the brand was! I just purchased 4 pillows from Amazon I am so excited to get my order and sleep like that every night! I have been looking for a great pillow for such a long time now and I’m so happy to have found these! THANK YOU!

  19. Charlotte

    I absolutely love the pillows, stayed at the pechanga and have been trying to find them every since.

  20. Stacy C.

    I too loved sleeping on the Ultra Plush pillows during my stay at the Pechanga Resort and Casino #Pechanginit. I contacted Venus Group to see if I could buy a couple for myself by sending them an email through this website. They actually called me personally to let me know they would soon be available for purchase through Amazon, and would let me know when their product went live. I just received an email letting me know the product is loaded and will be available in a few days. Thanks Venus group! I cant wait to buy my own Ultra Plush Pillow.

  21. LETTY

    Recently tried your pillows at the Pachanga Indian resort in Temecula California and loved them. If you sell to the private sector I would like to buy two ultra plush king size pillows.

  22. Odette Sims

    Hi. I’ve tried your pillows and loved them. Is there a way for me to purchase it from you. I’ve tried to search on line but couldn’t find it.
    Hoping for your soonest reply. I just really love it.
    Thank you

  23. Bryan

    Recently tried your pillows at the Pachanga Indian resort in Temecula California and loved them. Do sell to the private sector. Would like to buy four king size pillows.

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